Buying Art Supplies for Your Homeschool

We are an art loving family. I took painting classes as a child, and loved to draw. Now all three of my kids love drawing, painting; any and all mediums of art. I keep a cupboard full of art supplies on hand.

The best part of keeping art supplies on hand is that you can find most of it is from the dollar store. Not all, but most, and those that you get else where, shop the deals and the right time of year.

Art Supplies for Your Homeschool

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What Comes From the Dollar Store:

Pipe Cleaners, pompoms, popsicle sticks, stickers, etc. You can find some great craft kits, everything included that you need.

Dollar stores always have great things for each and every holiday – Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Halloween, Christmas, I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

Art Supplies from Amazon

Amazon is a great place to buy those supplies that you can’t find anywhere else. They are my go to place quite often and have really good prices when you know what to look for.

I find that you are definitely getting better quality from Amazon than the dollar store, and prefer to get paint and glue here instead.

Buying Art Supplies for Your Homeschool

Art Supplies from Walmart

Back to school sales can be amazing! A couple years ago I bought a lot of crayons (24pack) on sale. They were 25¢ a piece, and my kids love crayons and use them a lot.

Markers, scribblers, and such are also really cheap, often better than 75% off throughout the back to school shopping time just keep an eye out, and think ahead so you don’t have to pay full price later.

Art Supplies from Michael’s

Not only does Michael’s have coupons in their flyers, but you can get them in your email, as well as in store. Often I get them when I have made a purchase to go towards my next purchase.

Also as homeschoolers you can receive the teachers discount.

Art Supplies from Costco

I love shopping here for all my needs. Just the other day I got 21 Post-It pads for less than $10, not only are these useful for me, but my kids really like creating some sticky pictures. Sticking with the sale prices for most things. You can get boxes of paper, pens, etc.

Where do you get your art supplies? Are your kids big into creating and art?

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