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Garden Stakes Arts and Crafts

We are into the thick of garden planning and soon planting, like this weekend if I get other garden work and prep finished. While my kids love the idea of a garden and getting to snack on it, they avoid the real work and stick to the craft side of things like making garden stakes.

Garden Stakes Arts and Crafts

Garden Stakes Arts and Crafts

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But since I love knowing what we planted where, garden stakes are quite important, and they can look great too.

Wooden Spoons

Our main garden stake this year is going to be these wooden spoons that we painted. I picked up 3 packages of 3 at our local dollar store, taped off the handle, and let them paint the spoon top.

You don’t have to buy new wooden spoons for this, please don’t think that’s what I’m saying just because I did. Grab some old ones out of your cupboard and use those instead. Use a permanent marker to write on them.

Paint Sticks

I don’t actually use the paint sticks that they hand out when you buy paint, mainly because I use it right away and it doesn’t need more than a quick shaking. You can use paint sticks just like the wooden spoons, paint (or don’t if you don’t want to), and use a permanent marker to write on them.

Garden Stakes Arts and Crafts


Do your kids love painting rocks like mine? Pick out a few good-sized rocks, let them paint them, and then use either another (black) paint to write/spell out the vegetable name. Make sure to use paint that will stand up to the weather. I really like the FolkArt Acrylic Paint, it paints great and really stands up to the Saskatchewan weather.

How do you mark your plant rows? Or don’t you? We didn’t last year and spent some time playing the “what’s this?” guessing game..

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