Growing a Snack Garden with Your Kids

Growing a snack garden with your kids is fun, and helps them to learn about health and delicious foods. Focusing on a snack garden adds an element of fun for kids, who isn’t going to love a garden they can eat.

Growing a Snack Garden with Your Kids

Growing a Snack Garden with Your Kids

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Growing a snack garden is the perfect way to introduce your kids to eat healthy foods, you’re not too likely to be growing chocolate or candies. Right? If you are, send me some seeds, k?

If you don’t have the ground space to plant a snack garden in your yard try planting container gardens. These are some of our nature’s snack garden mix of fruits and vegetables.

The more you involve them in the planting process the more likely they are to eat the vegetables you grow.

Snack Garden Plants for Kids


While we of course loved the “regular” or hothouse tomatoes my kids preferred the small cherry and sugar tomatoes. They are bite-sized and perfect for picking off the vine and popping in your mouth.

Sugar Snap Peas

The peas…. oh there were too few of them please we messed up on the support and they died. But they were amazing. I have great memories of eating sugar peas from my great-grandmother’s garden.


We bought seeds for some fun colored purple carrots as well as the typical orange carrots ones. Because our ground is very hard-packed and clay-like we were unable to just pull them out. Instead, we had to dig them out, give them a really good wash and then crunch away.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

My first piece of advice is to be aware that critters love broccoli and cauliflower and if you don’t cage them in you won’t get to eat them, we learned this the hard way. Cauliflower was Austin’s request last year and we’ll know better for this year.


This is the easiest snack you can grow because once you plant it continues to grow. Just leave a couple of stalks when removing others to promote new growth. And remind your children to not eat the leaves as they are poisonous.


Strawberries and blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. I don’t have a lot of experience growing these but the few I had growing last year were eaten every quick and straight from the plant. Have you eaten a warm strawberry fresh from the plant? It’s heavenly.

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