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Learning Fractions with Manipulatives

Fractions. I hated fractions in school, and I was not looking forward to teaching my kids. I wanted to make learning fractions easier, and less scary for my kids. Our math curriculum is online, so I came up with some for us to use.

Learning Fractions with Manpulatives

Learning Fractions with Manipulatives

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There are a lot of ways to learn fractions and I’m not saying any of them are wrong, my middle girl can learn anything from workbooks, and it blows my mind.

The RightStart Math Manipulatives set included a fraction set, they use bars, but my oldest preferred the circle set (below) while she was learning fractions. Just the way her brain works.

Now as with everything else that I print that is going to be used as manipulatives and/or be used by more than one of my kids, I laminate it. They last longer and I don’t have to reprint, or re-cut everything.

I know you can homeschool without a laminator, but I choose not to. I love my laminator and love thinking that I am saving trees by reusing paper this way. Even if I am using plastic to it.

Fraction Circle – Math Manipulatives for Fractions

The fraction circle manipulatives are intended to be used as manipulatives to introduce fractions up to tenths. Use the fraction circles to teach addition and subtraction using common denominators, equivalent fractions, multiplication and division of fractions, and all operations using mixed numbers.

In addition to using these as manipulatives, the fraction circles can be printed for use as references that can be glued into a math notebook.

Fraction Circle Clip Cards

These clip cards are a great way to test students’ knowledge of recognizing fractions using a physical multiple-choice system. It includes fraction forms from 1 to 5/6s.

The idea of this activity is that students work out what fraction of the image is shaded, then clip a clothespin/peg or a paperclip to what they think is the correct answer.

Foodie Fractions – Fractions in the Kitchen

The best fraction manipulative is already in your kitchen though. Measuring spoons, and measuring cups! These are fractions that you use when you make a delicious snack, dessert, or meal for your family.

Invite your child to help in the kitchen and help you make something and watch them learn fractions while they help out. Fractions aren’t scary when you’re busy thinking about food.

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