101 Reasons to Homeschool Outside

While we’re not officially year-round homeschoolers sticking more to the traditional school schedules in our area, we don’t stop learning just because “schools out”. Instead, we like to turn to homeschool outside in the sunshine.

101 Reasons to Homeschool Outside

101 Reasons to Homeschool Outside

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One of our favorite things is to grab a blanket, some books and read in the sunshine once the weather turns warm. As an added bonus my kids get a kick out of being outside having fun when the school bus goes by with some of their friends.

My kids would rather be outside playing than inside doing school work, and I’d be willing to bet that most kids are the same way. I say most because I hated it outside as a child and I’m still not the biggest fan of it.

When you take the time to talk to your kids outside, grab a few books from the library, or even go as far as to plan something, your kids can learn a lot out there.

  • Fresh air
  • Open spaces
  • Trees to climb
  • Trees to identify
  • Change of pace
  • Boost your immune system
  • Exercise
  • Relaxing – lowing stress levels
  • Screen free
  • Learn about greenhouses
  • Fresh air improves sleep quality
  • Use nature to work on counting / math
  • Read signs
  • Learn about astronomy
  • Lay out looking at the stars
  • Great way to use all 5 senses
  • Vacations to new places – ocean, zoos, etc.
  • Nature walks
  • Weather studies
  • Outside art projects – easy clean up
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Boys tend to need to move around more while learning

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color changing flowers
  • Flowers to see
  • Flowers to pick
  • Flowers to identify
  • Flowers to grow
  • All the other plants that can be identify
  • Seeds to be planted
  • Read aloud picnic
  • Science experiments that make messes like a witches brew
  • Gardening
  • Swimming lessons
  • Learning to ride bikes
  • Reading on a swing
  • Reading on a trampoline
  • Reading in the garden
  • Sun gives you a boost of Vitamin D
  • Lemonade stand
  • Vegetable stand
  • Watch bugs – ewww
  • Create a bug hotel
  • Learn about pest control around your garden and home
  • Geocaching
  • Leaf rubbings
  • Practice life skills such as building a fire
  • Target practice – Nerf guns or water guns anyone?
  • Make a solar oven
  • Bee keeping
  • Bird watching
  • Leaves to play in

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  • Leave about leaves changing colors
  • Measure rain falls
  • Fight the winter blues – get some sunlight
  • Build a fort
  • Build snowmen
  • Blow bubbles to watch them freeze instantly
  • Measure snowfalls
  • Melt ice with salt
  • Tap maple trees
  • Go fishing
  • Go hunting
  • Learning to skate – ice or roller
  • Create a sun dial
  • Physical education time
  • Count rings in a tree – how old is it?
  • Make leaf or flower crowns
  • Create outside theme days
  • Grow a pea teepee – I have been wanting to do this for years!
  • Make a fairy garden or fairy land- get your imagination going
  • Make story stones – art, creative story telling, and so much more
  • Make mud pies – let them get dirty

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let kids be kids outside
  • Keep a nature journal
  • Make a weather station
  • Find letters in nature
  • Find numbers in nature
  • Find shapes in nature
  • Learn about composting
  • Practice photography
  • Hold olypmics of your own while watching learning about the real ones
  • Unschooling outside
  • De-school – you don’t have to be stuck inside, get out of the “school” mindset
  • Learn about reactions
  • Learn about shadows
  • Make S’mores
  • Learn about natural bug repellents
  • It opens up new opportunities to learn
  • Builds character
  • Sketch nature
  • Learn about natural medications – growing aloe
  • Messy sensory play – let them jump in bubbles and play in the mud
  • Hit up historical landmarks
  • Visit a local farm
  • Watch butterflies
  • Catch and release butterflies
  • Yoga outside
  • Find shells on a beach, what animal are they from?
  • Build something – construction
  • Take learning beyond the curriculum
  • FREEDOM to learn and move and play

Reason #101: To have fun and enjoy your homeschooling time.

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