Learning with Online Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

Have you thought about using online courses for your homeschool in the coming year? I know I tend to think about it. I want my kids more comfortable being online, I want them engaged in what they are learning. I also want a little less prep work for me.

Learning with Online Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

All Access Online Unit Studies – Online Courses for Homeschoolers

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Unit Studies are collections of learning activities tied to a theme. They are popular with many homeschooling families as they provide a hands-on approach to learning that incorporates subjects such as math, science, language arts, and the social sciences.

Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

Unit studies typically require a lot of prep from the homeschooling parent: research on all aspects of the topic, finding and reading books, finding websites, finding and/or creating worksheets/projects. In this day and age, that is a lot of old fashion paperwork. But that has changed some.

This is where Techie Homeschool Mom has changed things. The amazing Beth from Techie Homeschool Mom has the solution. Online Unit Studies. She has done all the hard work for you and is continuing to do the work in creating great online unit studies.

I know you are probably wrapping up the school year, but being a homeschool mom, you are already planning next year. Which is why I think you’ll be interested in this.

Learning with Online Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

Why Use Online Unit Studies?

Beth has done all the prep work, making these unit studies super easy for busy homeschool moms. Each unit study contains a curated list of great resources. These include articles, videos, and assignments, helping children process information and apply their learning in multiple ways.

The Online Unit Studies include (these are not ALL of the online unit studies) :

Ancient Egypt

  • Egyptian Civilization
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Egyptian Daily Life
  • and more.

Ancient Greece

  • Introduction to Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greek City-States
  • Daily Life in Ancient Greece
  • City Life in Ancient Greece
  • Greek Arts & Architecture
  • and more!

Ancient Rome

  • Introduction to Ancient Rome
  • Roman Mythology
  • Daily Life in Rome
  • Roman Architecture and Engineering
  • Roman Government
  • and more!

Chinese New Year

  • All About Chinese New Year
  • History of Chinese New Year
  • Traditional Chinese New Year Dances


  • Why Do We Have Elections?
  • Why Do We Vote?
  • Where did US Politics Come From?
  • How Do We Vote?
  • What is the Electoral College?
  • and more!

Famous Artist 1

  • What is art?
  • Leonardo Davinci: Renaissance
  • John James Audubon: Realism
  • Claude Monet: Impressionism
  • Paul Cezanne: Post-Impressionism
  • and more!

Famous Artist 2

  • Modern vs. Contemporary Art
  • Grant Wood: American Regionalism
  • Norman Rockwell: Illustration Art
  • Grandma Moses: Folk Art
  • Jackson Pollock: Abstract Art
  • and more!

Solar System

  • Solar System Overview
  • The Sun
  • Planetary Orbits, 
  • Gravity
  • Planets
  • and more!


  • Learn about the different types of stars
  • Travel the universe to view close-up images of stars
  • Explore your night sky and discover constellations
  • Create models of constellations and share in a photo collage

Vincent Van Gogh

  • Study van Gogh’s life
  • Evaluate van Gogh’s art style
  • Paint a self-portrait like van Gogh
  • Create an animated video about van Gogh

You can find all those, plus others at this link. If you aren’t completely sold on the idea of online unit studies, there are also freebies that you can check out too.

Learning with Online Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

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