Our Grade 3 Curriculum Choices

The summer is almost over. Homeschool moms every where are thinking about what grade 3 curriculum they are going to use for their children in the coming year. I am no different, except that I know what we’ll be using for this coming year for grade one, and for grade five.

Grade 3 Curriculum Choices 2019-2020

Our Grade 3 Curriculum Choices

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Science and History

I originally bought the Waldock’s Wizards and Wands for my oldest but Brookland, at eight, going into grade three, has decided that she likes Harry Potter and wants to do this along with her sister. I suspect it’s more about doing school with her sister. We will be doing the science Alchemy, Astronomy, Herbology, Potions, and, the science topic she is most looking forward to – Magical Creatures.


This will be her first year doing Teaching Textbooks, and she is super excited, and so am I. I’m not a fan of math, I do not like math at all and I am happy that she’s old enough for TT this year. Which will also give me the time to work one on one with Gauge.

Language Arts Grade 3 Curriculum

This year we are using Grammar Galaxy: Protostar for the first time, and we’re excited to be using exciting short stories to learn reading skills, literary concepts, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, composition and speaking. Fun learning this year. Something we are doing a little more each year as I get more comfortable.

Social Studies

Social studies this year is all about Canada. In September and October in particular, we’ll be focusing on learning about past prime minsters as we come into an election.

Diana Bailey  has amazing resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. She has a Canadian History category. As well as a Canadian Social Studies category. I have a number of her resources that we’ll be using this year, as well as resources from the Canadian Homeschooler.

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