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8+ Math Manipulatives for Elementary Grades

I am not a fan of math therefore I’m all about making sure my kids enjoy learning and have math manipulatives when learning. I have been buying and creating our own math manipulatives.

Math Manipulatives for Elementary Grades

8+ Math Manipulatives for Elementary Grades

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After three years of teaching math, my oldest started Teaching Textbooks last year, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t need or want to use manipulatives, in fact she was my inspiration for creating a number of things this past year.

Math Cubes

I bought these for our first year, right off, before we even started school. They have been amazing for kindergarten, first, second and beyond. Plus they are great for preschoolers to play with and start counting.

Pattern Blocks

This is another one that I bought for our first year, and everyone has enjoyed play with from toddlers and on. I had found some pattern sheets online, printed and laminated them for some more fun as well as learning. They use them in our lessons as well as for fun playing and learning.

Fraction Pizzas

Learn fractions with pizza, both the kind I have listed here, and the real kind you eat afterwards as a reward for getting your math finished.

Geometric Blocks

Learning solids shapes is always easier when you child can be hands on with manipulatives. Plus kids love to play with them.

Fractions Tiles

We have fraction tiles and they made a huge difference in my kids learning fractions. Seeing how they break down and make a whole with them made it click for them.

Learning Clock

This past year, our learning clock got a lot of use as my second grader worked on learning to tell time.

Base Ten Set

This could make a the biggest difference in learning place value. Your child will actually see the difference before hundreds, tens, and ones place. It really is amazing to watch them learn when they have math manipulatives.

Wooden Abacus

For preschool and kindergarten this was a very popular counting tool for my kids. We don’t use it as much now as they prefer the cubes, but it was great for counting, and I didn’t have to worry about them losing cubes everywhere.

Angle Puzzles

I made these for my oldest last year and she loved them. They provided extra practice for angle names, and measuring angles. You can find them in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Angle Puzzles for Learning and Extra Practice