Angle Puzzles for Learning and Extra Practice

Math requires a little more practice for some kids, and some kids just need hands on learning. My daughter needed a little more hands on practice with angles once being introduced to them in Teaching Textbooks level four which is where these angle puzzles come in.

Measuring angles Puzzles - angles puzzle
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Angle Puzzles for Learning and Extra Practice

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I made these for my daughter so she could get some hands on practice, we are working on mastering skills and having confidence before moving on, along with our math curriculum. With a protractor in hand, she spent a lunch time putting the puzzles together while eating her sandwich.

One set of puzzles is simple matching the angle with their degrees, a two piece of puzzle.

The other puzzle is a three piece triangle where in you match the angle, the degree and then the type of angle that it is. Right, acute, obtuse, or a straight angle.

Angle Puzzles for Learning and Extra Practice - measuring angles puzzle

I used colorful card stock for printing our pieces and then laminated them for extra durability.

Ways you can use these angle puzzles:

  • As a math center activity
  • Quiet, independent practice
  • A way to practice estimating angle measures based on benchmarks (have students estimate the angle measures by matching the puzzles first, then have them check answers by measuring with a protractor)
  • Angle sort (after measuring and correctly solving the puzzles, have students sort them based on angle type: acute, obtuse or right)
  • Have fun!

Storing Your Puzzles

I bought one of these photo cases for keeping track of our smaller printables like these puzzles, as well as our clip cards, cloud counting cards, and more. This way everything is in one spot and I’m not looking around for them. Talk about angle practice on the go!

One thing I really like about the small individual cases is that if we are going somewhere like the library to do school, I can grab the individual case we need and go. Or I could grab the whole case.

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