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Thinking Tree Books in Our Homeschool

This year we are trying Thinking Tree Books in our homeschool. We don’t homeschool the same way every year. We change things up, and things change. Because life is not consistently the same every year. The beauty of homeschooling is that you can roll with the changes, you can make changes as they are needed.

Thinking Tree Books in our homeschool

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Our first four years were spent somewhat structured in Saskatchewan, our fifth year was super relaxed, boarding on unschooling. This year, I am looking for the middle ground. Going interested led with my kids, letting them learn about what they want in an organized fashion.

Thinking Tree Books

I had a couple of these books way back when we first started homeschooling, but we didn’t use them because I didn’t understand how to use them for our lessons. I was still stuck in a curriculum mindset. I donated them before we left Saskatchewan. I wish we had them now.

Something I have noticed lately is that secular homeschoolers seem to be a lot more relaxed in the material options. These books are great for a creative homeschooling method. Each page is ready for coloring, doodling, creating, and learning.

There are books for bible use, but there are so many that are perfect for anyone! We currently have four for my kids, ready to go, plus I have more for later in the year, or next year, or for whenever I decide we are going to use them.

Books we are using:

I also have a couple of these for myself. That’s right, they have books for mom!

Why I like Thinking Tree Books

I like allowing my kids to learn about what interests them. These books let us do that. There are so many great books.

They are fun. They are perfect for kids who like to doodle, or are creative and like to color, which fits my kids.

They aren’t formal. These books aren’t telling me what to teach my kids when to teach my kids it. They are more like suggestions on how to follow your child’s interest.

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How We Use them in Our Homeschool

We’re eclectic homeschoolers which means we draw from different resources for our education instead of using a particular curriculum. These books, these journals, have been a great way for us to homeschool using books and topics of our interest.

A homeschool routine is important for us. School starts when my kids are finished with breakfast and getting ready for the day. It starts with their math lessons and then moves to the subject of the day. That might be learning about endangered animals, and then creative writing. Or it might be a foreign language.

We do things our way. We learn from watching documentaries and reading books. Thinking Tree books just give a place to collect our thoughts or knowledge in a fun and interesting way.

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