Teaching Photography in Your Homeschool

Teaching photography in our homeschool can give you all a new skill to learn. Kids love taking pictures. They will take pictures on my cell phone, or their inexpensive cameras. I love that I can see the world through their eyes. I might not notice the flowers growing under a bush or the tiny little flowers growing in the ground cover in our side yard.

teaching photography to kids

Teaching Photography in Your Homeschool

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Kids are so willing to crawl or lay on the ground to get a picture of whatever they see. Teaching photography to my kids seems like a natural way to encourage them to explore their world more.

My kids see me taking pictures all the time, of them, things they do, and for this site. Seeing it makes them want to do it, monkey see, monkey do right?

My oldest has an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera that we bought for vacation once and she uses quite often. We had a bit of fun with them last spring/summer once the weather was nice enough to get out and actually sit on the ground without getting soaked.

teaching photography to kids

Teaching Homeschool Photography

We had checked out some great books from the library to give us ideas, and kinda a way to lead them into learning about photography, and as a bonus, I could learn more too:

Photo Adventures for Kids

Photography for Kids!

Maker Projects for Kids Who Love Photography – I am getting this one again!

I am not a professional photographer no matter how great I think it would be to be one, meaning I wasn’t really great at teaching them how to take great, or even good, photos. I tried, but, we all have our strengths right?

I think the best way to start teaching photography in your homeschool is to take pictures. YouTube has some great videos that can also help you get started for free.

Other Places to Find Photography Courses for Kids:

Photography for Kids: Project-Based Beginner Photography. 12 weeks of adventure projects make this the perfect course for kids and beginners to learn how to use a camera properly.

Photography for Kids – Creative Photography & Working with Composition. 6-week course. Don’t just take photos, learn to Make photos! As we explore various elements of composition, students will learn to make beautiful images of the world around them!

This is a great class for new students as well as graduates of Manual DSLR Photography 101 for Kids. A DSLR is NOT required for this class, students can use any type of camera!

  • You’ll register your family for the Techie Homeschool Photography Club.
  • You’ll sign up for the Photography 4 Kids course on Udemy
  • For 6 weeks, you’ll log into the Techie Homeschool Photography Club to discover a new lesson.
  • Kids will upload their photos from the week and give each other feedback.
  • Kids will read books and watch videos to learn about the history of and careers in photography.
  • Kids will use webtools to complete projects with their photos. They’ll learn about photo-editing, graphic design and video creation.
  • Everyone will connect with other homeschool families who also have an interest in photography.

Austin has been asking about doing some graphic design and video creation so this will be right up her ally, kids are more and more into technology, and with it all around us in life, why not let them learn under your guidance and the right way.