How to Homeschool When Your Kids Are Sick

Today my girls woke with headaches and just not feeling well for the second day in a row. I of course had wrote in my planner with pen, because I was just asking for someone to get sick apparently. I had wrote before about homeschooling when mom is sick, but what happens when your kids are the ones that are sick?

Here’s how we’re doing school this week while they fight a virus of some sort.

How to Homeschool When Your Kids Are Sick

How to Homeschool When Your Kids Are Sick

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Part of me wants to say that I gave my children Advil and sent them to bed. But in truth, I gave them Advil while they laid on the sofa watching TV. Once the Advil kicked in they had breakfast while watching some more TV. They did do school though, as pictured above, in pajamas with messy bed head once they were feeling like it. I figured it there was enough energy to dance around the living room they could do some math.


I feel like documentaries are the best thing for low key education. If they are going to lay around and watch TV anyway why not put one on? I’m lucky that my girls love them especially if they are about animals. Between Netflix and Amazon Prime we have documentaries to watch.

If you are learning about a specific topic in your homeschool find documentary to watch about it, or hit up YouTube. We’ll be watching some YouTube videos on learning French.


Books are great if your kiddos just aren’t up to doing much other than laying around. Grab a book, even those your reading for school and read to them. Your kids will never be to old to read to them. As long as they aren’t vomiting, get a pile books for them to read themselves. Nothing makes me feel better like a great book.

Board Games

Board games are a fun way to practice skills, and learn new ones. Plus they are just plain ol’ fun! Adding some fun to a yucky day doesn’t take much effort with a board game.



What do you have your kids doing when they aren’t feeling at their best?


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