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Organizing Homeschool Curriculum

We’re back in homeschool planning, buying homeschool supplies, and curriculum which means that we are also organizing homeschool curriculum. Which is probably my least favorite activity when it comes to homeschooling. I love looking through all of it but organizing, well, not the funniest.

Organizing Homeschool Curriculum

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Organizing Homeschool Curriculum

How do you keep your homeschool curriculum organized? Do you have a dedicated homeschool space? A schoolroom is one great way to keep everything organized.

But there are ways to keep everything neat and tidy when you are doing homeschool in your dining room, your living room, or elsewhere in your home.

Organizing Homeschool Lessons

We use binders for our lessons. I put a month’s worth of lessons into a binder for each of my kids which sits on a shelf that is dedicated to homeschool stuff. Everything homeschooling is going into a small hutch in the middle of the house.

I keep everything together so that we aren’t running around the house looking for different parts of our curriculum when we are supposed to be starting our day.

Past Organizing Homeschool Curriculum

There are many different ways to organize your curriculum from the past. The first thing is to think about whether or not you are going to be using it again:

  • If you didn’t love it, pass it along, and don’t plan to use it for younger children.
  • If you have no younger children going up and you might want to pass that curriculum along.

If you have a curriculum that you want to reuse again, pack it up out of the way until you need it again. You don’t have to see it every day or have it taking up space you might need for the current curriculum.

Organizing Homeschool Curriculum

Organizing this Year’s Homeschool Curriculum

Take what you are using this year and place it in one area. Whether it is a shelf in the closet, or on the bookshelf, you want to keep this year’s curriculum together.

I love to keep all the science books together, all the language arts books together, etc. This saves me from searching our bookshelves before or in the middle of lessons.

If you are going to be switching to a different curriculum in the middle of the year, after the first semester maybe, you might want to keep the second curriculum set aside until it is time to use it so you don’t see it sitting there and feel overwhelmed by the uncompleted or untouched curriculum.

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