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Homeschool Room Decor Ideas & More

We had a dedicated homeschool room for six months. I loved getting to create a special place for my kids. A place to have our maps up on the wall, any education poster they wanted to be got hung up. Homeschool room decor is fun to shop for, and it can really brighten up a schoolroom no matter how small or dark it might be.

Homeschool Room Decor Ideas

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Homeschool Room Decor Ideas

What kind of things would you want to have hung up on your walls in your homeschool room?

  • maps
  • art prints
  • nature prints
  • weather
  • days of the week
  • months of the year

Fun Educational Poster Options:

Kids Wall Art Room Decor Educational Prints Educational Posters

This set of educational prints educational posters calls to me and my love for bright colors. These six educational posters were designed for parents and home school parents looking to add educational art to their children’s playrooms, bedrooms, or homeschooling areas.

Included in your download are JPG files of these beautifully illustrated and coordinated set of six educational printable posters:

• The Solar System
• The Alphabet
• Shapes
• Weather
• Numbers
• Colors of the Rainbow

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Neutral Bohemian Earthy Art Prints

This set of Earth prints includes:

  • The Numbers
  • The Alphabet
  • The Weather
  • The Coninents
  • The Shapes
  • 7 Days of the Week
homeschool posters

Huge Set of Homeschool Printables – 25 pieces!

This set covers everything you might want hang on your homeschool walls. There are some fun posters like the “let’s READ” but there are also so many helpful cheatsheet style posters to help you and your kids during all your lessons.

  • counting to 100
  • sign language
  • penmanship
  • addition chart
  • fractions chart
  • solar system
  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • and too many more to list here, go check it out!

Get Organized and Have Everything Your Need

Minimalist Homeschool Labels

Minimalist Homeschool Labels

Making sure everything has its own home, has helped me as a mama to stay sane, and find things quickly.
It has also helped our children recognize, learn, and be responsible in clean up/set up school times!

  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Math Manipulatives
  • Flashcards
  • Art/Crafts
  • plus six custom labels
Monthly Labels

Monthly Labels

Perfect for Teachers, Homeschool Moms, and overall Home Organization!
1.5×4” Rectangle White Polyester Waterproof Labels

Telling Time Teaching Clock Kids Room

Your kids will easily learn the time with our clock. Designed to make learning easy and fun, each number has its own color. O’Clock, Quarter Past, Half Past, and Quarter to are all highlighted, with 4 quadrants marked to aid with the learning of these concepts.

Personalized Chalkboard Homeschool Schedule

Personalized Chalkboard Homeschool Schedule

This large dry-erase school schedule is perfect for your family this school year! The personalizations are included for free!

You can either have this dry-erase board dedicated to one child with their name up on top….or use it as your family calendar and each kiddo has their own color on the calendar to call their own!

You can find some of my favorite things on Etsy, including these great homeschool room decor items and more. I have a favorite list of crazy chicken lady stuff too.

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