Our Homeschool Room – Our Dining Room

We currently have our house on the market, have for over a year now, which in our area is not very long sadly. That being said, without an actual homeschool room, I like to keep the house looking, well, not like we homeschool here.

Our Homeschool Rooms - Our Dining Room

Our Homeschool Dining Room

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Do not let the appearance of our dining room fool you. I have gotten good at hiding our homeschool stuff, really good at hiding stuff. Mostly because when your house is listed for sale, you need to give a clean, open appearance.

homeschool dining room

Creating Homeschool Room Storage

Under this hutch, is cube box full of coloring books, and notebooks. And another of crayons, markers and such. I didn’t realize you can’t see it walking into the dining room, but that works for me.

homeschool dining room ideas

Junk. This is stuff my kids have made at after school programs, and on their own else where.

World, Human Body, and Earth kits.

Paper for crafts.

STEM kits.

dining room homeschool room

Oh LOOK, more junk.

Printer paper and other paper I have no idea why we own.

Printer ink. Because no homeschooler can be without backup printer ink.

Hole punch, paper cutter, and a handy take along bag.

tablets for homeschooling

Tablets. and tablet stuff like mouse pads, computer mice, headphones and tablet chargers.

Our Bookshelf/Cubby Storage:

Our Homeschool Rooms - Our Dining Room

Books about Canada.

Other stuff… including hubby’s tablet?

Math manipulatives.

Pattern blocks, magnetic letters.



Tablet pillows/stands.

Small hutch for everyday things:

Our Homeschool Rooms - Our Dining Room

French workbooks, math based books, language art helper from BS.

Our binders – kids work binders, my homeschool binder.

History books – including Time Traveler

My crochet hooks, my camera.

Having a Dedicated School Room

While we don’t have a dedicated homeschool room here, I do dream that our forever home will have a library/homeschool room. It would be nice to not have to jam and shove everything into hutches.

It would be nice to have one space for all our books instead of them being spread here there and everywhere, including some packed away in totes.

The best part of homeschooling is that you don’t need to have a space just for homeschooling. You get to do school at home, learn anywhere in your home that works for you. In fact, I bought some lap trays so we have a little more freedom to work from the couch, or the truck, or wherever else we land.

Edited to Add: We have now had a dedicated homeschool room. We used it for about one week. We are too relaxed in our lessons for a dedicated room. We ended back at the dining room and in the living room using our lap desks. Why change what works right?

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