Books About Canada for Your Homeschool

Books, books, books! That’s what we love here, and it is no wonder with all that books can do for you. Learn about a country near or far. Learn about animals, science, or anything you’re interested in, there is a book out there for you. Want to loose yourself in another time or place? Pick up a novel and off you go. With all there is to learn from books it is no wonder we have a great collection of books about Canada in our homeschool.

Books About Canada for Your Homeschool

Books About Canada for Your Homeschool

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I actually had to do two things to find out which great books about Canada that we have: sit in front of our bookshelf, and go downstairs to where I have stashed books for the coming year. These are made for kids, touching on history in bits that they can understand with pictures.

Educational Books about Canada

These are all great books to have in your collection for the coming school years. You can use these alone to create your own Canadian history and social studies curriculum materials.

Now You Know Canada

Canada Year By Year

The Kids book of Canadian Exploration

The Kids book of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Hey Canada! – This one is great to use along with The Canadian Bundle

A Canadian Year

The kids Book of Canada

The Kids Book of Canada’s Railway and How the CPR was Built

The Kids Book of Canadian History

The Kids Book of Black Canadian History

The Kids Book of Canadian Immigration

The Kids book of Canadian Geography

The Kids Book of Great Canadian Women

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