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RightStart Math – RS2 Math Set

Math isn’t always everyone’s favorite subject to study, or in my case, to teach. What makes it a lot easier on all of us, are great math manipulatives. This RS2 Math Set has everything you need to teach your kids hands-on math. Elementary grade math has been much easier with these.

RightStart Math RS2 Math Set

RightStart Math – RS2 Math Set

*This is a sponsored post. I have received this kit and additional workbooks in exchange for sharing more about them with you. I will still be 100% honest as always, sponsored or not.*

RS2 Math Set Box Opening – RightStart Math Review

When the box containing all of this arrived, I was blown away! The box was huge! I knew that there were a lot of items listed on the website that was going to be coming in the box, but I was still blown away.

All the manipulatives for the Right Start Math Second Edition are right here, in the photo above. This kit includes the manipulatives needed for every level. That’s for RS Level A through RS Level H.

Get the RS2 Math Set with your Second Edition Book Bundle, then all you need for the following years is the next Book Bundles because you already have all the manipulatives. You are ready to learn math the RightStart way!

rightstart math review

This year we’ll be using Level B (my first grader) and Level D (my third grader). Make sure you do the placement test to see where your child needs to be starting.

The quality of the items is great. There are Popsicle sticks, that you could pick up anywhere, at a dollar store even. But then there are things like the scales and the geometry reflector which I’m not sure where I wouldn’t even know where to look for.

The best part of using having this is that once September comes and we break out the RightStart Math curriculum books I won’t be searching for what the materials that we need as we go along.

Canadian Homeschool Math Curriculum

Being in Canada, most materials are from the US and therefore everything is America. But RightStart gives your options! There are four different versions to choose from:

Once you have this set, for example at the beginning of your child’s math education, you won’t have to buy it again. Everything you need for the following years will be the next book bundle because you already have all the manipulatives.

After having this set for years, they are all still in great shape. One set of cards even managed to withstand some puppy chewing.

Super Saver Option

RightStart also offers a Super Saver option that provides a more pared-down set of manipulatives. With this option, you’ll need to print and prep several more materials, though, too.

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