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20 Outside Activities & Games for Kids

Summer months are here baby and I am soaking up the heat for the next few months to make up for the freezing cold of a Saskatchewan winter. My kids love to be outside, and while I am not the biggest outdoor fan I encourage them to get to out, as well as find things for them to do outside, out of the normal.

We start out our summer with a Summer Bucket List and go from there. Some blanks need to get filled in of course, but here are 20 ideas for some outside activities and games for outside summer fun with your kids.

20 Outside Activities & Games for Kids

20 Outside Activities & Games for Kids


Beating the Heat with Young Kids

DIY sprinkler/splash pad

5 Cool Water Games

Obstacle Courses

Scavenger Hunts for All Summer

Easy Backyard Obstacle Course

DIY Pool Noodle Games

Science Fun

Color Changing Flowers

Pop and Mentos Eruptions

Soil Testing Garden Science

Wizard’s Brew

Arts & Crafts

Garden Stakes

Ice Chalk Paint

Ice Painting

DIY Life Size Dice

Challenging Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt For The Boys

Fun Games Kids can Play on a Trampoline

Fairy Garden

DIY Flower Stamped Rocks

Ice and Water Sensory Play Ideas for Summer

DIY Sidewalk Chalk


I hope that all the kids have a great, and safe summer vacation!

How do you keep your kids busy, and entertained outside in the summer?

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