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Grade 5 Curriculum Picks for 2021

Let’s talk about grade 5 curriculum picks. Grade five seems so grown up. Their curriculum gets more grown-up as well. This is our second go-around with the fifth grade. We are falling back on some favorite curriculum as well as trying some new options as well.

Grade 5 Curriculum Picks

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Grade 5 Curriculum Picks for 2021

I try to teach my three kids together as much as possible. I also try to include real-life learning. This is why much of this is the same as when I included it on my list for my seventh grader’s curriculum this year. Not everything is taught at the same level because there is still an understanding difference to take into account.

Grade 5 Math

Teaching Textbooks all the way! We also have RightStart Math Level G for more practice if she needs it, I definitely find this child of mine doesn’t need a whole of extra practice. She currently loves doing math, YAY!

Science for Fifth Grade

The plan is for a focus on science this year.

We are excited to be using BookShark science again for great books, and planned out lessons.

We are going to be using some 4H curriculum that I only learned about on a whim. In the spring we will be setting BookShark aside to work on some 4H curriculum – Poultry and Gardening in particular. Things we consider life skills here.

Language Arts

We are going to be using Grammar Galaxy again. I am looking at maybe something else but I have not figured out what we’ll be using. I’m looking at Write Shop as one of the options.

Grade 5 Curriculum Picks


We have covered some early history, and now we are going to start touching on it again with Curiosity Chronicles (review coming soon). We’ll continue watching documentaries and learning the way we do best, Curiosity Stream has been the best $22ish investment each year for history.

This is our current plan. Plans change! Homeschool plans change all the time as we work through the curriculum and learn what is and isn’t working. Even after seven years of this, I don’t know what is going to work for each child.