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History Quest Early Times – Curriculum Overview

This year we are trying History Quest Early Times for the first time and I’m actually excited to teach history this year. We took last year off from history curriculum while I looked for something to get us all interested in learning again.

History Quest Early Times - Curriculum Overview

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What do your kids think about history? Are they interested in learning or running for cover because the topic, to them, is boring? Maybe your kids are like mine and you have one that loves history, one that hates it, and another who is completely indifferent.

A lot of time when I buy curriculum I end up buying digital. Because I’m in Canada and shipping to Canada can cost as much as the product.

There are really good things about using a digital curriculum. Like a table of contents that has clickable links. Click on the chapter or unit that you want to go and bam there you are.

History Quest Early Times – Curriculum Review

History Quest: Early Times takes you on a journey into the past to experience the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and empires. In this homeschool history book, you’ll visit faraway places to meet and learn from everyday folks, famous world leaders, and even a few mythological characters.

In every chapter you will find a History Hop! that takes you on an imaginary journey back in time to meet historical characters and visit historical places. Below are a few of the people and places you will visit in Early Times:

History Quest Early Times Book

This is the spine of the curriculum along with The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History. There are more books that are used periodically throughout the curriculum.

You could use this book on its own, simply reading through it with your children. It makes a great family read-aloud, a great addition to your secular morning basket. The study guide definitely takes it from a read-aloud to a full curriculum.

History Quest Early Times - Curriculum Overview notebook

History Quest Early Times Study Guide

Your child will be doing written work, mapwork, creating various crafts and projects, and completing a History Travel Log, among other things. It is recommended to set up a 3-ring history binder with some paper.

With every unit, students start a new section in their history notebooks with the unit’s History Travel Log page followed by written work (short answers, narration, copy work, etc.), project photos (photos might be easier than cluttering your household with ziggurats and rotting apple mummies!), and mapwork. A one-inch 3-ring binder should be sufficient.

History Quest Early Times - Curriculum Overview

They have things set up as a 5-day schedule:

  • Day 1 (Discover), you will read from The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History with Internet Links and History Quest: Early Times, and complete mapwork during some weeks.
  • Day 2 (Explore) you will read the History Hop time travel component of the History Quest chapter, complete the History Travel Log page for the unit, and explore a historical site on Google Earth during some weeks.
  • Day 3 (Create) is most everyone’s favorite day—project day! Create day involves a mix of art, architecture, cooking, and other activities to enhance and personalize your child’s understanding of the material.
  • On Day 4 (Demonstrate), you have a few different options for how to assess your child’s understanding.
  • Day 5 (Enrich) for optional enrichment time—exploring websites and reading additional books on the subject.

Pandia Press


I can’t wait to dive into this curriculum with my kids in a couple of weeks. The study guides provide you with a full-year curriculum. Everything is planned out for you, which I tend to love. It definitely helps me feel more like a planned homeschool mom.

It helps me feel like I might have this year together just a little more instead of being my normal hot mess self. 😉

It reminds me of BookShark’s Reading with History with you can learn more about here in this review.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.