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Google Slides Digital Planner Options

Everything is going digital these days and seems like everybody’s getting on board with digital planning too! The new school year is just ahead – have you thought about getting a digital planner for yourself? Google Slides digital planners give you are a lot of control over what you put into your planner, what you need what you keep track of, and more.

Google Slides Digital Planner Options

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Google Slides Digital Planner Options

It can be hard to find the perfect one to buy. If you’re crafty, you might be interested in making your own! You can customize it perfectly to the way you want and the way you plan.

There are beautiful planners out there. I am a paper planner girl. I try to digital every year I swear, and then I end up going back to my paper planner.

I thought maybe it was because they tend to be plain and boring. But there are some people out there with amazing skills and create beautiful planners. Like these ones from Etsy:

Want to try Making Your Own Google Slides Digital Planner?

I cannot in good faith try to walk you through creating your own Google Slide digital planner. But I can watch then recommend videos for you to try. I just might give it a try myself.

If you can get past the robotic voice in this video, there isn’t much, there is a very good video on creating your own planner. The finished planner is beautiful. You can find it here.

Google Slides Digital Planner Options

Still not too sure about making your own planner?

TeachersPayTeachers also has a great selection of planners. You can find them in all price ranges. There are planners for public school teachers and homeschool teachers. You are bound to find a planner there that will fit your planning needs.

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