How To Make A Self-Care Box For Your Mental Health

Your mental health is going to make or break your homeschool this year, and every year. What can you do to make sure you are taking care of yourself? Make some space, a box of items, just for yourself. Things to make you stop and take time for yourself. A self-care box could save your sanity this homeschool year.

How To Make A Self-Care Box For Your Mental Health

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How To Make A Self Care-Box For Your Mental Health

I kind of hate the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Mainly because it is very overused, and party because, yes I can, I have done it but you can only do it for so long.

What you can put in a self-care box

A Journal and some pens It helps to put down all those negative thoughts on paper. Because sometimes you may doubt the validity of what you’re going through.

Headphones and/or noise-canceling headphones Noise-cancelling headphones can help you tune out overstimulating sounds that amp up the emotional intensity. You can also of course dial into your favorite music when you need a cathartic release.

Favorite DVDs or streaming shows in a playlist – A soothing show at the end of the day or in a tense moment is helpful. I love Friends, it’s my go-to when I’m not feeling well mentally or physically.

Weighted Blankets This is newer to me, however, my husband got me one for Christmas, and I love it. I sleep better at night, and even though the day, it’s nice to curl up in bed for a five-minute time out if I’m feeling stressed.

Tea – Herbal teas in particular are relaxing for me because they’re warm and the herbs typically teas with chamomile or lavender at night calm my anxious brain down so I can possibly fall asleep.

Coloring books I have a coloring book and a set of colored pencils that are mine alone for when I need to shut out the world for a few and relax.

How To Make A Self-Care Box For Your Mental Health

Eye Mask Pamper yourself and give yourself a little sensory relief in difficult moments with an eye mask. Many masks allow you to heat or chill them, which can be soothing when you’re facing an intense emotion or chronic pain.

Fuzzy Socks Comfort as a way to practice self-care can’t be overrated. In addition to blankets you love and your stuffed animal, add some fuzzy socks to your kit. They’ll keep your feet cozy and often help people feel just a little bit safer.