Using Screen Time for Homeschoolers

One topic I have never covered here on Forgetful Momma is screen time. Probably because I don’t “limit” it per say. For the most part my kids have always had Netflix on TV while eating breakfast and lunch. The TV might be on while they are in the living room, they weren’t necessarily watching it. I have changed some things for this year.

screen time for homeschoolers

Screen Time for Homeschoolers

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This year things are a little different. First I decided to make some morning routine “rules”

  1. Breakfast
  2. Get dressed
  3. Brush hair
  4. Brush teeth

These need to get done without TV because otherwise it might take all morning for breakfast to get eaten.


We currently only have Netflix, no satellite or cable because the few times we have tried the services we don’t actually use them. We are thinking about trying out Crave TV because they seem to have a number of documentaries.

Austin (our oldest) loves documentaries. She loves to learn about animals – sea, land, and dinosaurs. I have no problem with her watching these that’s for sure. She’s learning a lot about what interests her.

Plus there is Magic School Bus. There is basically an episode for most science related topics and gives your kids a fun way to learn.


This is one I struggle with. I don’t actually let my kids online all the much and when I do, there are just 2 sites they use on their own: Reading Eggs and Doulingo. While we use YouTube often, it’s together (with me).

This year however, I am stepping slightly out of my comfort zone. I am letting Austin (more so) have more computer time. We are going to start coding courses this year, as well as graphic design because she is showing interest in them (probably because her parents know and do these).

These also fit for tablet use.

How do you do screen time?