Black History Month Books to Read

Our first year of homeschooling I somehow forgot to teach my daughter about Black History month, history in general got left out that year, I was just in survival that year. Last year I was on the ball and had a great stack of books ready to go, that stack is listed below. Austin loves learning, and just loved reading these books with me. Reading about history that took place in Nova Scotia made it a little more real for her actually knowing where it. All it takes is making the connection in your child’s brain to something they know, and they’ soak up all the knowledge.

Black History Month Books

Black History Month Books to Read

Black History Month Books to Read

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Harriet Tubman – After escaping from slavery when she was a young woman, Harriet Tubman devoted herself to helping others do the same.

Working for Freedom: The Story of Josiah Henson – Josiah Hensons life is an epic tale of one mans battle against evil and ignorance. By the time he was six, Josiah had been sold three times. When he was nine, his familys owner beat him for trying to learn to read.

Viola Desmond Won’t Be Budged – In 1946, Viola Desmond bought a movie ticket at the Roseland Theatre in Nova Scotia. After settling into a main floor seat, an usher came by and told her to move.

Viola Desmond is about to be featured on the new Canadian ten dollar bill.

The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom – Now that Hannah’s papa has decided to make the run for freedom, her patchwork quilt is not just a precious memento of Mama — it’s a series of hidden clues to guide them.

The Secret to Freedom – Lucy is just a young girl when her parents are sold off the plantation where her family lives. Oh, how she wishes things could be different.

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt – As a seamstress in the Big House, Clara dreams of a reunion with her Momma, who lives on another plantation–and even of running away to freedom.

Underground to Canada – A sensitive and dramatic story about a young girls escape from slavery. Julilly is taken away from her mammy by a ruthless slave trader and is sold to the Riley Plantation.

The Kids Book of Black Canadian History – From the first Black person who came to Canada about 400 years ago to the most recent wave of African immigrants, Black Canadians have played an important role in our country’s history.