How to Rock it as A Homeschool Mom

Do you think you rock it as a homeschool mom or are you just trying to get through each day? I admit, I tend to be more in the struggling to get through each day camp. But I’ve been working hard to change that, and it seems so simple once I get into a routine to be honest, and I struggle with keeping a routine at times, but it does make a big difference.

How to Rock it as a Homeschool Mom

How to Rock it as A Homeschool Mom

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Take Care of Yourself

Start by taking care of yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup, we’ve all hear that before, and it’s true. Exercising and eating right, everyday, or as much as possible. I’m up before kids Monday – Friday to exercise, and drink at least a cup of coffee before they get up. It’s my time just for me.

Try to find some time just for you. I know it’s hard, especially with young kids, I have been there, eventually finding time for yourself will get easier.

Be An Organized Homeschool Mom

Don’t run around looking for everything each morning. I like to set aside one morning or evening a month to get everything figured out, be that just writing plans into my Happy Planner or making photocopies, or what have you. Having everything figured out before makes a huge difference.

Have you tried meal planning? Really tried it? I have. Meal planning makes everything in my day easier. I only meal plan for supper, because breakfast and lunch are free for all. Not having to worry about finding something to make an hour (if I’m lucky) before hand, or wishing I had remember to toss something into the slow cooker saves me some stress each day.

Have Fun

Please enjoy homeschooling your children. I know that it can be trying but take a deep breathe, and have some fun. Turn up the music and dance the grumpiness out. Play some board games instead of doing math this afternoon. When frustration hits, take a time out or recess break if you will. Over the Christmas break one of my girls’ friends ask us if they get recess, answer: not really.

Take a day, and instead of formal school lessons, have an educational day. One great thing about homeschooling is that you can relax a little, do education a little different.

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