Ways to Keep Learning When You Don’t Want to Homeschool

It’s great to have ideas on how to keep learning happening in your homeschool for those days when you feel like doing almost anything but school. Every day is an opportunity for learning even when you don’t want to homeschool.

When You Don’t Want to Homeschool

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When You Don’t Want to Homeschool Do this Instead:

I like to schedule our school days in pencil because you just never know what happens, sick days are the worst of course. But then there are days when you, the teacher, just don’t feel like doing “school”.

Educational Days at the Library

We are big fans of the public library. The library isn’t just an old building with dusty books, but a place to go where you can learn from a number of different mediums. A lot of libraries not only have books but also toys that are perfect for younger siblings, as well as computers that are set up for kids to use.

Reading Day

Turn off the screens for the day and read. Your kids might be able to completely read on their own or to each other but try having a read-aloud day as well. Sit down on the sofa, or curled up in bed and enjoy some great books.

Why AudioBooks Totally Count for Reading

Movie Day

Have you read a great book with your kids that has been made into a movie? Or maybe have a movie marathon of say, Harry Potter? My kids would be more than happy to watch movies all day instead of doing bookwork.

Documentary Day

My oldest is a huge fan of watching documentaries, she loves learning about animals, places around the world, and more this way. She might be watching TV but she is learning a lot while doing so.

Game Day

Dig out those board games! Board games and card games are fun ways to learn. Board games like Monopoly have math skills, reading, and more. These are some of our favorite games to play when we don’t feel like doing school.

Science Day

Maybe instead of hitting the books, hit up the kitchen for some science experiments instead. Take a day to make a mess, learn about reactions, and get hands-on. I say kitchen because that’s where we do experiments. But you can head outside too.

Field Trip Days are Perfect for When You Don’t Want to Homeschool

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house, and that’s where field trips come in handy. Trips to museums or science centers are perfect for learning outside of the home. Science centers tend to be very hands-on learning, and what is better as a homeschooler, plus if you go during public school hours, you most likely will have the place to yourselves.

Home Economics Day

Get in the kitchen and get cooking and baking. Your kids are going to be engaged in reading, math, fine motor skills and so much more. Plus you need up with, hopefully, a tasty meal, dessert, or snack.

Homeschool Math in the Kitchen

Nature Study Day

This is something we are going to be doing more of this year. Some scheduled nature study days, instead of just something we do in the summer. You can learn about nature all year long, such as learning about snowy owls in the Saskatchewan winter.

Arts & Crafts are for When You Don’t Want to Homeschool

How about spending all day with the arts. You could watch a documentary or read a book about a certain artist and then take the time to create a piece in their style of art.

I find it helps to have a backup plan for crafts too, like a theme of crafts that we can do throughout the day. GreenKidsCrafts is great for this as they include everything needed for doing their crafts.

What do you do when you just don’t feel like doing school but still want an educational day?

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