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These book recommendations for all ages will make you laugh, cry, or learn.I find the best worlds not in movies, but in books! With books, I can learn something or get lost in make believe and leave the stresses of the day behind.

Veterinary Science Homeschool Curriculum

A lot of kids dream of becoming a vet when they get older, at least one of my three kids is planning something animal-related, vet or animal conservation officer. Adding in veterinary science seems like a no-brainer in your homeschool. Veterinary Science Homeschool Curriculum I got extremely excited when I found out about the 4-H …

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Kindergarten Reading List for Homeschool

Grab some leveled readers that are not too hard, but encourage them to read. Use this kindergarten reading list to get your kids started reading this year. Make sure you check out all the leveled books we have been talking about for your older kids too. Kindergarten Reading List for Homeschool What kind of books do kids in the …

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Exploring Our Solar System and Planets

Looking for some hands-on learning for our solar system? Here you go! Let’s explore our solar system and planets. Grab a blanket to spread out on the ground and enjoy some time staring into space this evening. Learning about the stars outside is a great way to learn and enjoy spending time outside together. Exploring …

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