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These book recommendations for all ages will make you laugh, cry, or learn.I find the best worlds not in movies, but in books! With books, I can learn something or get lost in make believe and leave the stresses of the day behind.

How to Help Kids Develop Better Reading Skills

It might seem obvious, but having great reading skills is one of the most important tools for success that you can help your children develop. Any person, child or adult, who cannot read or has difficulty reading is already at a serious disadvantage when it comes to college and any job in the workforce. Learn …

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Our Favorite Children’s Books

Reading is our downtime favorite and makes for an easier bedtime routine if she knows there is a story waiting at the end. I have been reading books that were my favorites as a child to my children all along. They have quickly become their favorite classic children’s books as well. Our Favorite Children’s Book …

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