Finding Discount Books for Your Homeschool

Buying books all the time can get expensive. As homeschoolers, we often search for great books to read with our kids, or books we want to use as part of our homeschool curriculum. Either way, finding discount books is always a happy moment.

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Finding Discount Books for Your Homeschool

I am always honest, and continue to be. I don’t buy many books. We are big fans of public libraries. If I think a book is going to be read and re-read I’ll consider buying it.

There are some books that I make exceptions for: homesteading books we have borrowed from the library and I feel are worth buying because I am going to use it as a reference often, my Nora Roberts books because I do re-read them and they are one of the only things I buy myself twice a year.

Where to Get Discount Books

Book Outlet

I have used this one recently and I was impressed. Not only with the price of books but also with the fast shipping, and the quality of the books. They arrived in amazing condition. We’ll be ordering more books from BookOutlet again.


You can find used books on Amazon. Also make sure to check out Warehouse Deals too. We buy more things from Amazon’s Warehouse Deals in general than from the new sales on te site.

Amazon also offers textbook rental too. I did not know this until recently, but we also aren’t at the point of needing textbooks yet.

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At Thrift Books, you can find books at very low prices, and there are often extra money-saving deals and bonuses on offer too.

Book Depository

This site doesn’t have a lot of used books, but their new books are actually much cheaper than the used ones you’d find in online and local bookstores.

Can Homeschoolers get Teacher Discounts?

YES! Learn more about where you can get teacher discounts to save yourself some money on the things you want and need for your homeschool.

If you’re looking for really deep discounts, then this is definitely the platform for you. According to, you can save up to 90% on college textbooks when you buy them through the website.

There are ways to save as a homeschool mom, from teachers discounts to shopping garage sales, library book sales and more! There is no reason to pay full price. Buy attention to when companies have sales, August is a busy sale month for homeschool curriculum and products.

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