We have hit a really interesting part of our science curriculum, interesting because my kids are all interested in learning more about the human body. There are a lot of great products out there to help you along as your child learns about the human body for elementary school.

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Learning About the Human Body – Elementary Ages

My kids have had an interest in the human body since they were little and saw an episode of Bones. Seeing the skeleton on TV sparked an interest that has lasted for years.


Human Body!

Packed with facts, charts, infographics, and illustrations that cover the human body head to toe. Encompassing a visual approach with illustrations, photographs, and extremely detailed 3D CGI images.

The Human Body: Anatomy Facts and Activity Book for Kids

Packed full of experiments, diagrams, mazes, coloring pages, dot-to-dots, and more! Learn about the human body and anatomy with this fun, educational science workbook!

My First Human Body Book

It’s easy to learn about your body! This cool coloring book includes 28 drawings that explore muscles, bones, lungs, and more. Learn how your voice box works, how your tongue tastes food, how your DNA is different from your family and friends, and more.

Human Anatomy for Kids: A Junior Scientist’s Guide to How We Move, Breathe, and Grow

Colorful pictures and diagrams show you the names of all your body parts, how your body fights off germs, how snacks become energy, and more. This kid’s anatomy book is packed full of fascinating tidbits, like why your body grows hair and what causes freckles.


Hands-On Learning About the Human Body

Educational Human Anatomy Body Puzzles to Learn Body

This magnetic wooden human body puzzles set include a boy body, girl body, skeleton, organs, and muscles 5 kinds of human anatomy puzzle, and stick them to the magnetic poster. Select one of the 5 human body cards, then match the 90 magnets to copy the card.

Squishy Human Body with 21 Removable Body Parts with Anatomy Book

Take a fascinating tour of the human body as you remove 21 realistic vital organs, bones, and muscles using the included forceps and tweezers; then rebuild the model from the toes to the skullcap.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Human Body Anatomy Play Set

This human body puzzle features anatomically correct magnets for boys and girls, along with a wooden stand for easy use.

Anatomy Apron

The anatomy apron/DIY organs apron is a visual help for children learning the names, location, size, and shape of the main body organs.

Learning About the Human Body

Doctor Robin’s School

Dr. Robin created this curriculum after she realized, as a homeschool mom herself, that there was no biology curriculum out there that didn’t require the parent to learn the curriculum material first before teaching it. You can find our review here.

Stream Content


CuriosityStream has a number of great documentaries that ar great for a range of ages. Try searching “human body” and “anatomy” to find them.


Similar to CuriosityStream, searching “human body” and “anatomy” will find you a lot of content. On Prime you can also refine the search to “Kids & Family” for more age appropriate content.

More Human Body for Your Homeschool

Human Body Experiments for Kids

Heart Pumping Human Body Science Experiment