Arctic Theme Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschoolers discover animals and their habitats through hands-on activities and games. These Arctic theme preschool lesson plans can be used in the classroom to teach kids about the arctic. Your child will learn all about the arctic region while having fun with these activities.

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Arctic Theme Preschool Lesson Plans

Now is the perfect time to consider teaching an arctic animals preschool theme. There are so many creative activities about arctic animals to do with preschoolers. Try these arctic animals preschool lesson plans.

Arctic Animals Playdough

Grab some light-colored playdough (like white, light blue, or gray) and some floral pebbles or small rocks. Make a pancake with the playdough, then draw a letter in the pancake.

Try making all the letters in your preschooler’s name.

Arctic Animals Books for Kids

The library is going to have, at least in our case, more books about Arctic animals than I was planning to check out because they aren’t all brand new but often they are really great resources. These are great additions to your morning basket.

Arctic Virtual Field Trip

We can’t go to see polar bears or sea lions in person, in their natural habitat, because I do not have the funds to travel like that with my family. But I can bring take them there sitting in our living room, not freezing in the cold temperature that polar bears and other cold-weather animals thrive in.

Arctic Animal Crafts for Kids

My kids, like so many kids, love to do crafts. I like to add crafts to our week that fit the theme of what we are learning. Like when we are learning about arctic animals and learning hands-on how animals stay warm in the arctic.

Arctic Animal Puppets

Gather assorted craft materials from the home, such as paper lunch bags, and use those materials to create arctic animal puppets. Use googly eyes, pipe cleaners, stickers, feathers, and the like to create puppets. Once the puppets are dry, put on a puppet show!

Arctic Animals - Science Experiment

Arctic Animals – Science Experiment

We learned how they live in the cold, how they survive the freezing cold temperatures. Considering my oldest likes to sit down and watch animal documentaries, she loves what we are learning right now. These are some amazing live cameras you can check out to take a virtual field trip to the Arctic.