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Cornstarch Fun Round Up

We have a lot of fun with cornstarch in our house. I am always looking new ways to to have fun with my kids, and of course prefer when I already have everything in our cupboards.

Cornstarch Fun Round Up

Cornstarch Fun Round Up

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Cornstarch Goop

Cornstarch alone can be… messy, its silky soft and flies everywhere when spilled, or even worse, dropped. Add in a bit of water you get goop.

Cornstarch Goop – water and cornstarch mixed together. You can add in a little food color, liquid paint, etc. It is the weirdest thing, it is solid you are scooping it up into your hand, but then it turns liquid and melts out of your hand.

3 Ingredient Face Paint

Face Paint! What child doesn’t love having their face painted? This doesn’t stain your child’s face, a concern I understand well. My mom used to use Crayola markers on my face as a child, and I have done it with my own, except, then all of a sudden gauge started having a reaction to them on his skin. So homemade face paint it is.

Water Color Paint

Water Color Paint. Save yourself some money at the art supply store and make your own!

Frozen Chalk Paint

Frozen Chalk Paint. This is some fun for a hot summer day!

You can mix cornstarch with shaving cream, add in a little paint for some soft messy play.

Cornstarch can make a great playdough, and putty. Or, maybe you want to make a bouncy ball.

Cornstarch Bouncy Ball

You could really get your kids attention by making some bouncy balls with them!

We have made both of these recipes a few times one is: Silky Stretchy play dough. It makes your hands feel amazing!, and the other one is Wonder Dough. Two simple ingredients in each.

I think out of all of these idea, the goop is and always will be my favorite things to do with kids. Especially the little ones, they see magic everywhere.