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Corn Starch Makes a Mess

First corn starch or cornstarch? Which ever way it is spelled it sure can make a mess, which makes it so much fun. This afternoon we added shaving cream to it. Ahh yeah, big mess. But it was something new to try so why not. Just remember, big mess means big clean up.

I always try to buy our activity supplies at the dollar store, this was no different. But the first thing I bought was a shower curtain. Big enough that there was lots of standing room, cheap enough that if ripped or what not it could be thrown out. In this case everything fell off it into the garbage to be used again later.

We explored each medium for a moment separately, Brookland wasn’t so sure about the shaving cream.

They had fun trying mix it all together. The shaving cream would become covered in corn starch and just blend in. Maybe use a tinted shaving cream so you can see it a bit better.

You can see a few drops of blue paint in this picture. This wasn’t the best idea. Though it was fun watching them try to mix it in or find it.

They were able to shape hills with it, but not make “snowballs”. But “you could make snow angels in it”.

We put it in a cleaned out peanut butter container for later use, if it doesn’t go bad, we’ll see what happens.


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