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How to Ensure Your Child Is Busy at Home

Parents raising a toddler certainly understand the boundless energy they possess. Their endless desire to explore and engage with the environment around them is inspiring and challenging. Finding ways of keeping your toddler busy at home is important for convenience, as a parent, and for their development.

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Keeping your toddler busy at home nurtures their growing body and mind. Introducing stimulating activities helps boost their cognitive abilities and motor skills. That said, below are a few ways of ensuring your toddler gets busy at home.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way of ensuring toddlers remain busy at home. Some of the activities that toddlers can engage in include:

  • Finger painting: Have a designated area and harmless paint for your child. Let them explore different colors and create masterpieces on paper using their fingers.
  • Nature crafts: Toddlers who enjoy the outdoors may prefer nature crafts. Here, simply take a walk around your home, allowing them to collect sticks, leaves, and flowers. They can use their collections to create art pieces like leaf rubbings or pumpkin art.
  • Hand and footprint art: Encourage them to create hand and footprint art using washable paint. They simply have to press their painted hands or feet on a surface.
  • Themed crafts: Identify your toddler’s interests and provide materials for them to create themed arts. This may be animals, vehicles, or holidays.

Crafts help toddlers explore and express themselves. Fortunately, most of them don’t require much movement.

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Music and Dance

Listening to music and dancing is great for toddlers’ physical health and self-expression. Parents can enrich their toddlers’ musical experience simply by being intentional. Create a musical corner or space where your toddler can play with various musical instruments and props.

You should also encourage singing and dancing sessions. This is a great way for parents to bond with toddlers and promotes language development. Choose songs with simple lyrics and catchy tunes. Include some dance moves to make it interesting. While at it, take turns being the leader or follower in the dance routine. It’s important that you don’t restrict your toddler to one music genre or kid’s music. Explore different music options, like jazz, reggae, and folk music.

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Outdoor Exploration

Parents can also keep their toddlers engaged through outdoor activities. The outdoors provide endless opportunities for physical activities and encourage connection with the natural world. Unlike arts and music, parents don’t have to struggle to keep their toddlers busy outdoors.

Simple activities like nature scavenger hunts can keep your kids occupied for hours. Simply create a checklist for common items in your backyard or nearby park and ask your toddler to find them.

You can also engage them in planting and gardening. Toddlers can do a great job planting flowers and vegetables in your garden. Gardening is engaging and fosters a sense of responsibility. Even if they are too young to help with gardening, having them around as you garden keeps them busy. In such situations, a stroller or baby carrier comes in handy in keeping your toddler safe as you work on your garden.


Parents should encourage their toddlers to stay active at home. Providing opportunities for physical activity and exploration helps shape their health and happiness.