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Science Fair Project Planner

We love doing science experiments here, and I thought that creating a science fair project poster would be a great way for my kids to display what they have learned. There is the added benefit that your kids are going to be working on writing and planning skills as they work through their science fair project planner.

Homeschool Science Fair Project Planner sample pages with text overlay

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Science Fair Project Planner

These pages will work for any science project that you are doing in your homeschool.

The planner pages are perfect to use on their own for smaller projects.

Help your child plan out their project display board, or poster board. Even if your kids aren’t going to an actual science fair this is a great way to share their projects with family and friends.

Throughout this project, your kids are going to practice reading and writing as they work on first their plan, and then their project.

Also includes a list of 18 homeschool science fair projects to try in your homeschool! Easy to a little more difficult for older learners.

Homeschool Science Fair Project Planner sample pages with text overlay

Some Science Experiments to Try

Homemade Lava Lamp for your Kids

Bouncy Egg Experiment – Eggs in Vinegar

Elephant ToothpasteRead More

Shrinking Egg Science Experiment

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