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Gardening Made Easy Binder for Kids

Are you ready to start planning your garden? We are! There is something about planning gardens that is relaxing for me. We all pick out our own seeds, the kids too of course because it is also their garden. They’ll be working it, planning it, and enjoying the harvest come late summer, or early autumn. I made this gardening made easy binder for you and your kids.

Gardeing binder for kids

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Gardening Made Easy Binder

Are your kids interested in learning more about growing their own plants? It doesn’t matter if they are more interested in growing flowers or other non-edibles or if they want to grow fruits and vegetables. Growing anything is a great learning experience for children of any age.

I have this Gardening Made Easy Binder for you to go through with your kids this Spring and plan what you are going to grow.

Maybe turn it into a spring science project.

What is included in this Gardening Binder?

The great thing about a printable binder is that you can print off as many of the pages as you need. Need three copies of page number five? Print them off instead of having to buy more than one copy of the thing you want. As a momma of three, I love PDFs for this reason.

What’s in this PDF:

  • garden plot planning
  • seed/plant planning
  • plant information
  • draw stages of plant growth
  • insects in your garden
  • a garden season chart list
  • journal page
Gardeing binder for kids

How to Use A Garden Journal in your Homeschool

We have been gardening for about six years now and love it. Each year our garden gets bigger. It might not always be a huge success but we try and learn as we go. Learning is what we are going for. Gardening is one big science project in our homeschool.

We include our kids in all the steps. Planning what to buy – they are big fruit and veggie eaters. They help with starting seeds in and outside. With the prep of the soil and garden plot. So much learning.

The beauty of the garden journal is that you don’t have to have a huge garden to use it. Grab a pot, a bag of soil, and either seeds or plants.

I recommend seeds because then they have a chance to learn and experience growing something from seed, seeing that first little sprout pop up from the soil.

What are you going to grow this summer with your kids?

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