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Getting Back into the Swing of School

We are finished with our third week of school, with all three of my kids. We started a lot earlier than normal this year, but we finished last year super early, as the end of April – beginning of May. We’re going slow right now because it is still summer, and summer here is hot – pool weather and their friends are public school kids – summer vacation still. We’re just working on getting back into the swing of school right now.

Getting Back into the Swing of School

Getting Back into the Swing of School

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We’re going slow, sloth slow, just one subject a week right now. Easing our way back into our routine after three months without it. We’ve been doing about 20-30 minutes, four days a week. Four days a week is our normal schedule. Wednesday is grocery day, plus this year it is also going to be our time to play board games to make sure we are having fun and enjoying our collection of games.

So far we have had one week of: Language Arts, History, and Science. This has given me a good look at how they are all working together this year using both the same curriculum and different from each other.

One thing that hasn’t changed is their love for books.

This week we dug out our crappy old laptops and started using Reading Eggs again as well. They all love using this program. Austin is using Reading Egg-Express after having finished the Reading Eggs portion of it. This is one small expense I have no problem paying for each year. We have been using it for a number of years now… my guess would be four years.

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