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Google Slides Lesson Planner

Hi, paper planner girl here! I am all about using a paper planner but I know that a lot of people, homeschoolers, prefer to use an online planner. I do sometimes get the want to go digital, something that I can look at from anywhere. I created a simple lesson planner on Google Slides to show you how you can go digital too.

Google Slides Lesson Planner

Google Slides Lesson Planner

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This lesson planner is simple, a basic week layout that you can edit to use for your homeschool lessons this year. I am more of a paper planner as I said above, but there are great benefits to going digital instead of using it along with your paper planner.

Ways to Use this Lesson Planner

This planner could be something that you fill in and then share with your kids so they know what they need to do each day. You can easily edit it, and then when sharing it, make it so that your kids can’t edit it.

Also share it with your partner or someone who may be with your kids during “school” time.

Google Slides Lesson Planner

Editing This Lesson Planner

Because this planner is in Google Slides, you don’t have to download it. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to save it after making changes – we’ve all been there, done that. Google Slides save periodically for you.

Click this link to make a copy!

When you click the link, it will automatically ask you to make a copy. This is the only way to use it, because otherwise, you could be editing the main form accidentally. It will make a copy in your own Google Drive. You can share your copy with your family once you have filled it in.

To edit it, simply click on the add text, delete that text and add your own. To create more pages, highlight (click on one slide, hold the shift button and click on the other), right-click, then Duplicate slides. Do this as many times as you like, for your homeschooling weeks.

Google Slides Lesson Planner

Using editable planners such as this one is easy, and allows you to take your planner everywhere you go as long as you have your Google Drive account.

FAQ for Google Classroom for Homeschoolers


I put together this FAQ for Google Classroom to hopefully help you figure everything out when it comes to using Google Classroom in your homeschool.

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