Kids in the Kitchen – Fun Activities

How can you make getting in the kitchen fun for your kids? Well, you can start with some of the other posts about getting your kids in the kitchen. You can also make it fun! Here I want to show you some fun activities that you can do with your kids to get them interested in the being in the kitchen, maybe get them interested in learning and more.

Kids in the Kitchen - Fun Activities

Kids in the Kitchen – Fun Activities

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Let them get messy. I know that it more than likely means a big mess for you to clean up later, but they will have so much more fun if they aren’t worried about the mess they are making. You can also have them help clean up the mess later.

Helping in the Kitchen

Let them add the ingredients in. It might not sound fun, but they love it! Some ways to let them help:

  • Have the ingredients for your recipe already measured out into separate bowls for them to add in.
  • Let them carefully turn the mixer on.
  • Let them set the timer.
  • Let them lick the beaters after everything is mixed.
  • Let them decorate cookies.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Give them a big ol’ pan of water and some measuring cups and spoons to play with. Let them fill some containers. Or you could use flour or rice for a drier activity. Pinterest is full of busy box/sensory play ideas.

Cloud Dough Fun Activities

I have made this with my kids when they were little. They loved it, and smelled so good afterwards. Let them measure out the cloud dough ingredients for some extra fun. It is easy to clean up, easier than it sounds.

Playdough Fun

There are so many awesome playdough sets, and there are so many that are kitchen based. My son has a BBQ set, a Pizzeria, cake and ice cream set, just to name a few.

You can also make different playdough recipes with your kids! There are jello based recipes, cornstarch, lotion, etc. Recipes that don’t require heat that might be easier to use with your younger kids.