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Kids’ Cookbooks

Sometimes I hate kids’ cookbooks. Because then my kids are going to want to get in the kitchen, make a mess, and all that goes with it. But at the same time, I love the confidence boost they get from cooking or baking. That confidence boost is going to show outside the kitchen too.

kids cooking together and looking at a cookbook

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Kids’ Cookbooks

You do not have to make everything in a cookbook. For one, you might not like everything they are making. You might have allergies and can’t make something. It doesn’t mean that cookbook is wasted on your family.

Make it work for you, use a cookbook as inspiration for cooking or baking with your kids.

Kids' Cookbooks

I love the confidence boost they get from cooking or baking. It's going to show everywhere. These kids' cookbooks are a great place to start.

Getting kids in the kitchen doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous when you are teaching them how to do things properly. My kids love getting in the kitchen and helping Blake or myself while we are cooking supper or baking something. We have been working on getting them in the kitchen more and more, giving them more to try and do.

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