Kids in the Kitchen – Kitchen Skills By Age

When should you start getting your kids in the kitchen? At what age do you start teaching them kitchen skills? I think getting them started young is best, after all, while in the kitchen they are also learning about healthy eating, they are learning math skills and reading.

Kids in the Kitchen - Kitchen Skills By Age

Kids in the Kitchen – Kitchen Skills By Age

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I have pictures of my kids, very young sitting on the counters, and while they weren’t really helping, they were there watching, and learning, and trying to help. Now, I have three helpers, from age three and up. At three, Gauge is great at stirring, great at adding ingredients into the bowl.

At what age do you start letting your kids help out in the kitchen?

All three of my kids, and yours too, I’m sure are great for getting things out of the cupboard and/or putting them back. They love to help that way, plus, when it comes to getting spices out of the cupboard, its a great way to work on reading skills.

This has always been a fun way for them to help out in the kitchen no matter what I am making. I don’t have to run back and forth to the cupboards and trip over them, and they are helping.

What a Typical Homeschool Day Looks Like - Baked Pie

Kids Helping in the Kitchen

I have had my girls helping with chopping, with opening cans, with so much. Have you ever made freezer meals? I have with my girls. They love getting to chop up large amounts of vegetables, dividing them into bags, and more.

I do have that chart of skills by age that you can click on to print a PDF of. However, maybe your kids can do more at a younger age, and I think that it awesome!

This is just a starting point. You are the Momma, you know you child better than anyone else. My 8 year old has tried her hand at making and flipping pancakes. Flipping pancakes takes practice, and she’s a work in progress.

Kitchen Skills Aged 2-5 years Old

  • stirring batter
  • pouring/adding in ingredients
  • mashing potatoes
  • rolling dough
  • cutting soft ingredients
  • using cookie cutters

Kitchen Skills Aged 6-8 years Old

  • cracking eggs
  • frosting cupcakes or cookies
  • grating cheese
  • peeling fruits and vegetables
  • cutting vegetables
  • using the stovetop

Kitchen Skills Aged 9-12 years Old

  • using the oven
  • baking cookies
  • steaming vegetables and rice
  • browning ground beef
  • using larger knives
Kitchen Skills by Age

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