Getting in the Kitchen with Your Kids

Getting in the kitchen with your kids can be overwhelming, maybe you don’t want to deal with the mess that you know is coming, or maybe you just don’t know what to start with. I say, just start. Starting when your kids are young gives them that chance that they’ll be more likely to want to cook good healthy foods.

This topic has been a favorite here on Forgetful Momma, and something I want to share more of with you in 2019. I wrote this post here as a short teaser for the full post that you can find on Raising Human Beans.

Getting in the Kitchen with Your Kids

Getting in the Kitchen with Your Kids

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Prep Ahead

When my kids were younger before I would get them in the kitchen, and all them all excited to bake, I would have everything ready to go. All ingredients would be measured out into small little bowls so they could just dump them in.

Pick Something Easy & Fun

Picking something easy to make, something that isn’t going to take hours to bake, is the best option. Cookies are our favorite choice for baking a treat together, or pizza if we are looking to make a meal. Both are quick to make bake and something they can enjoy right away.

Besides a mess, which they’ll learn from as they clean, these are some of our favorite things to make in the kitchen with our kids:

Pizza Muffins - Kids Lunch Time Favorite

Homeschooling in the Kitchen

Fractions have been perfected when we cut recipes in half or double them. You’d be surprised just how easy fractions come to a child that has been helping out in a kitchen.
Just measuring out ingredients is great for learning to count too for your younger children.

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