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Kids Pizzeria in my Kitchen

I’ve been getting spoiled lately, my husband has been home lately on grocery shopping days which means that I’ve been able to go grocery shopping alone. One week I came home to a pizzeria set up in my kitchen, as there were four pizzas being made. Pizza is great for making with your kids, kids love pizza!

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Pizzeria Prep Work

To make this easier on yourself when you have younger kids, have some things prepped ahead of time. Cheese grated, veggies chopped, meat sliced. You might even want to have the pizza dough ready to go as well, as it can take awhile to mix, rise, and be ready to use.

Older kids can do just about anything and everything. They can get the pizza dough started and move on to grating cheese and chopping veggies. Pizza is a great meat that your kids can make on their own.

Kids Pizzeria in my Kitchen

What can your kids do to make pizza?

Not only did can kids measure out the ingredients, they can mix the ingredients easily enough as well. Then they each rolled their own pizza dough, followed up by all the toppings. This is a full little pizzeria for kids.

They each made their own little pizza they chose what type of sauce they wanted – pizza sauce or garlic butter for donairs. They added how much, or how little cheese that they wanted. A pizza completely customized for them.

There is a lot of different things to think about when making pizza. It’s a great way for your kids to have independence in their meal.

Kids Pizzeria in my Kitchen

Ways they are learning:

  • math – amount of sauce/cheese/meat toppings to the size of their crust
  • more math – cutting their pizza – fractions
  • cooking time -how well cooked do they want their cheese (my oldest likes her almost burnt)
  • decision making

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