Keeping to a Christmas Budget this Year

If you are on any type of budget Christmas can be a challenge, and it can be stressful. Planning your out Christmas budget does not mean that you can’t have a great Christmas, that you can’t give your family everything that you want. You need to be smart about it, and plan ahead.

I shop all year long. I have a large tote that I store as much as possible in. I keeps everything to together so I don’t lose anything, and it keeps little eyes out of it.

Keeping to a Christmas Budget this Year

Keeping to a Christmas Budget

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Plan Ahead

What do you put in Christmas stockings? Do you put the same thing in every year? These are items that you can pick up through out the year. A bottle of shampoo or body wash isn’t going to add much to your weekly shopping list, and will save you that larger pay out before Christmas.

Shop Sales

I know the type of toys that my kids love – Monster High, Lego, and Paw Patrol – so I can keep an eye out in stores for clearance items or great sales. Amazon and Walmart are my go to. If I can see something in store shopping with my kids I either have Hubby pick it up after work or snag it online.

Keeping to a Christmas Budget this Year

Using Swagbucks

I use Swagbucks when I shop online as much as possible. I use it to earn cashback on things I’m already buying and then turn them into Amazon gift cards (my choice of reward) that I can turn into more shopping.

Limit What You Buy

It can be so hard to limit how many presents you buy for you kids, I know, because every year I seem to go over board. Look at what your kids already have, what they play with, what they might need.

So far this year I have bought some books, some (gymnastics) clothes, and the one thing that my daughter has asked for from Santa. I have bought some craft supplies too, super cheap from Walmart’s clearance section – I mean like 90% off cheap! But they’ll have no idea how much or how little was spent, they’ll just see a great gift.

How do you handle keeping to a Christmas budget?

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