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Christmas Eve Box Our Holiday Tradition

When you blend together any family, you’re always going to find a difference in how people celebrate the holidays. One difference for us was Christmas Eve. In my family we opened a gift on Christmas Eve each year. I remember always hoping to open a movie or a book, you know, something to do on Christmas Eve until it was bedtime. Which is why I started a Christmas Eve Box tradition in our home. I love it, my kids love it.

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

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A few years ago I started doing the Christmas Eve gift a little different. We started doing a specific gift. When Gauge was ity-bity we did one box for all of them, which is pictured below, now they each get their own box.

Christmas Eve Box

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Basically its a box of some things to do until bedtime. After we stuff ourselves, because us food lovers must feast, and then, we must lounge around the house waiting for bedtime, waiting for children to calm down enough to sleep so that Santa can came.

What’s in a Christmas Eve Box?

  • Pajamas
  • Socks
  • Snacks – my kids love Starbrust candies, and we rarely buy them which makes them even more special.
  • A movie
  • Books
  • A small toy
  • An ornament
  • Hot chocolate
  • Slippers
  • A hot chocolate mug
  • A Santa plate
  • A Christmas craft to make
  • New hat or mittens

Basically anything that you want to be in it. I don’t put all of that into a box for each of my kids. I just wanted to give you can idea of what you can put into them. I do try to give each of my kids the same, no fighting or complaining.

Does it have to be a box?

No, it doesn’t have to be a box. Or it can be. I have started trying to be more eco-friendly, and have been reusing the awesome gift bags that Amazon gives you when you get “gift wrapping”. They are really nice bags. I couldn’t find a link to them, but you could always order a gift for yourself and get it gift wrapped. 😉

There are some great reusable Christmas boxes that you can pick up too.

I always have some of these Christmas bags. I love reusing these bags, plus, if they continue to last then we’re set for years and years to come.

Now that I have our first present wrapped, I want to get the rest done and over with. I also want to just give them all to the kids because I know that the girls are going to be so excited and love everything we Santa got them.

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Christmas Eve Box

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