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Getting Ahead of the Christmas Rush

Let’s get ahead of the Christmas rush this holiday season. It seems like a crazy idea, but I am already getting ready for Christmas, yes, in September. And truth be told, this is late for me. But I’m hoping that this year that I stick to a budget, and stick to my plan instead of going crazy overboard, which is normal for me. Let’s make a plan this holiday planning season and stick to it, all of us together!

Getting ahead of the Christmas Rush

Getting Ahead of the Christmas Rush

Here’s a plan to look at to get a little down each month.


It might seem early to be thinking about Christmas but the early bird gets the worm and all that good stuff. Let’s start planning.

• Make a budget
• Make a list of those you are giving gifts to
• Make a list of stocking stuffers
• Christmas card list
• Make a list of ideas and clothing sizes for each of your children


I know this month is all about Halloween, but stores are already getting their Christmas decorations and such out for you to be inspired by and start your shopping.

• Start shopping
• Search for Christmas card inspiration
• Get inspired/start any special projects or homemade gifts


Do you take family photos for Christmas cards? Tell me straight – do you still send cards out? I know a lot of people don’t anymore. We always did, but then last year I only sent out a few, it seems to be a dying tradition.

• Order Christmas cards/photos of Christmas cards
• Finish shopping
• Make and freeze cookie dough
• Send out Christmas cards
• Plan any Christmas activities and/or events
• Plan out advent calendar fun


Here we are, the final month, the deadline is quite set in stone here. Don’t be a Christmas Eve wrapper like me, sitting in a room with a movie, a glass of wine and a pile of gifts to be wrapped high than me.

• Wrap gifts and if you do so, stocking stuffers
• Finish holiday baking
• Do advent activities
• Enjoy the holidays

Enjoy the holiday! You can get a free printable of all the things to get done this holiday season.

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