Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

One of my favorite holidays is coming up, really fast if you’re in Canada like me, Thanksgiving! Last year we sent out some cute mail to our family far away from us. A little “we’re thinking of you even if we’re not with you” mail, a cute turkey handprint craft.

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

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What You Need:

How to Make A Turkey Handprint

Depending on the age of your child, it may be easier to have them strapped into their highchair to prevent them from running wild in the house with a painted hand.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

It’s super simple, perfect for your youngest, and makes a great keepsake. All you need is paint and paper. A paintbrush is helpful but not necessary.

Take the hand that is going to be the turkey hand and paint it.

Brown on the palm and thumb – the turkey body and neck/head.
Paint each finger a different color.

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

Press said hand down onto paper. Little fingers move, let it be what it is, it just makes it unique to each child’s work of art. Older kids will be able to hold their hands still for longer.

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

Once your turkey has dried grab a couple of markers for the finishing touch. Some yellow legs and feet. An eye, we used black. As well red for the wattle. I had to look up what the wattle was called.

We did ours on this little poem. Clicking this link with open up the PDF in a new screen for you to use.

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

These are what we sent out, Grandparents got one from each of my little turkeys.

These handprint turkeys could also make cute invitations to a family supper.

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