Wine Glass Pumpkins – Halloween & Thanksgiving

This is the first year in four years that I can decorate for Halloween. I started my decorating with some cute wine glass pumpkins. Yes, we are already decorating for Halloween even though it’s only September, just goes to show exactly how much I’ve missed being able to put anything out for Halloween, not for myself, but for my kids.

Wine Glass Pumpkins

Wine Glass Pumpkins

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You need no crafting skills, or anything like that, because I don’t have any, and I think mine turned out rather great still. Cute and crafty.

What you need:

  • wine glasses
  • green paint
  • orange paint
  • foam paint brush
  • painter tapes – optional
  • tea lights – optional

How to Make Glass Pumpkins

Here’s the thing: I did these ones myself, but your kids could totally do them. If you don’t feel comfortable with them having glass, and wine glasses can be delicate, pick up some plastic ones. Use flameless tea lights instead of real candles.

I got my wine glasses from the dollar store, they were $1.25 each – I later found our Walmart has some for a buck. Oh well.

No matter how new they might be, wash them, and wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol.

Wine Glass Pumpkins

I taped the stem before I started painting the orange of my pumpkin, and it just so happens that my paint color was Pure Pumpkin. Painting on glass isn’t hard, but it isn’t necessarily easy either.

The first coat went on easily.

Wine Glass Pumpkins

I found squirting the paint on the glass, thickly, then using the foam brush to lightly spread it over the first layer. Too much brushing will remove the first layer of paint.

Once the orange is fully dried, remove the tape. I chose to not put tape over the orange and just free-handed the green paint.

You can also add a face to your pumpkins. 

These are perfect for Halloween like I said, but because I didn’t put a Jack o’ Lantern faces on mine, I think they’ll be perfect for Thanksgiving too, which is in October here in Canada.

Wine Glass Pumpkins

Some tea lights on top, set on top of my beautiful hutch and I have started my Autumn/Halloween decorating. Without having to take it down in a few weeks.

Do you do much decorating for Halloween?

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