Alternatives to Handing Out Halloween Candy

Oh Halloween. How I, personally, love you, or at least I love the chocolate, the rockets, oh the memories of trick or treating with my dad. But as a mom, I definitely would love to see a little less of it. Last year we went to the houses on our street, maybe 15 houses, and my girls had a reusable grocery bag full. There were full sized chocolate bars and full boxes of cookies! Hardly any chips making the bag look fuller.

Alternatives to Handing Out Candy this Halloween

Alternatives to Handing Out Candy this Halloween

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With all the allergies out there, Teal Pumpkin comes to mind, what is Teal Pumpkin?

Provide non-food treats for trick-or-treaters and paint a pumpkin teal to place in front of your home, along with a free printable sign from FARE, to indicate you have non-food treats available. You can learn more here. All kids should get the chance to experience Halloween.

Dollar Store Halloween Candy Alternatives

The dollar store is a great source for some of these:

My girls aren’t big on eating junk food. They will eat the better part of what they get but it will probably take them until Christmas to do so.

My kids would rather go into the fridge and grab a handful of grape tomatoes or an apple. Which I love, because I am not the healthy of a person myself, but they are on the the right path to eating health on their own. (And I have no idea how this happened, I must have done something right.)

When my kids get playdough, crayons or stickers in their treat bags, they are super excited, they love hands on, plus instead of rotting out their teeth, because there are those that worry about that, or getting a “sugar high” they are having fun, which is what Halloween is about after all right? Fun!

Things like playdough last a lot longer than a tiny, two bite chocolate bars.

What do you hand out for Halloween treats? Do you do food type treats or steer clear of foods?

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