Picking Out Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is here or will be in a very short time. It’s time to start picking out Halloween costumes for our kids, and if you’re really lucky, they know exactly what it is that they want to be so you can order their costume saving you a trip to the store to find it.

Picking Out Halloween Costumes for Kids

Picking Out Halloween Costumes for Kids

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However, maybe your child is like my middle child, hours of trying to decide, she would decide and then change her mind, again and again. In the end, we spent at least an hour in the costume aisle and before she made up her mind. I should have just ordered her first choice.

Safety First

Make sure costumes aren’t too long, you don’t want your kids tripping over hems, you also want to make sure that shoes fit well to prevent tripping.

Try to use face paint instead of a mask if possible, you don’t want to impair vision.

Make sure that costume clothing and wigs are fire-resistant.

Avoid accessories that are too sharp, swords that your child could fall on and get hurt.

Make sure your child is able to be seen: reflective lights,  glow sticks, and flashlights.

At the end of the night make sure to look over what your kids have received to make sure they haven’t received anything dangerous or that they are allergic to.

Costume Ideas for Kids

Disguise Judy Hopps Classic Zootopia Disney Costume

Monster High Draculaura Girls Wig 

Patrol Skye Child Costume

DC Heroes Supergirl Costume

Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie Costume Accessory

Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

Scientist Lab Coat

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