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Q-Tip Skeletons for Halloween

Halloween is the time of year when the crazy skeletons come out. Their hanging from trees, doors, windows, and in our case on our fridge. This is the perfect craft for preschoolers and older. It doesn’t have to look like a skeleton to you, but it’s what they see that matters. This is a fun Q-tip skeletons craft for Halloween.

Q-Tip Skeletons for Halloween

Q-Tip Skeletons

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This is a classic craft, if you have young children in daycare, or even in school, you just might find this in with their things.

All you need is:
• white glue
• paper

How to Make Q-Tip Skeletons

This is a super easy but cute craft for your preschoolers and early elementary-aged kids.

You can have everything laid out, some q-tips that aren’t cut, and some that are cut in half. You never know what your child might need while they are creating their creation.

If your kids aren’t that great with a bottle of glue, you might want to use a small little bowl with a popsicle stick to help them get the glue where they want it.

Q-tip skeletons

This is Austin’s skeleton, minus the head. She wanted a white head to go with the white body.

Because she knew what she wanted, she made it on her own.

Q-tip skeletons

I love the look of concentration on her face.

Her finished product:

Q-tip skeletons

I think she did a great job!

She got to make a body with “bones” and I got a Halloween decoration.

Bones Fascination

Austin has been interested in the human body and bones for almost two years now. Ever since she watched a good portion of Bones with me. The interest has been on and off but she’ll see a new book at the library that sparks her interest all over the opportunity to explore her interests and incorporate “school” into it.

We have checked many books out from the library over the last two years on the human body and on bones in general.

I have also bought a few too,
Little Explorers My Amazing Body – a flap book.
Human Body Activity Book for Kids – a body shape fold out – with flaps. The book includes a breakdown of different body parts, ie/ brain, and lungs. Includes experiments you can try.

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